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Minister for Agriculture from Ethiopia VISIT TO SHENLONG PUMP INDUSTRY for Negotiating cooperation
It's a picture about CCTV living show about flood control in Zhengzhou city. On the way, it's APK diesel engine generator, pumping flood water professionally, large flow rate.
Technical data of motor overload or over temperature protection action
If there is a obvious leakage in the water pump pipeline, pipeline or flange connection, what's the problem and how to fix?
When submersible water pump flow rate is insufficient or no water draing, what's the problem? and how to fix?
Our team made some technical points of submersible pump Common Troubleshooting. Welcome to learn more.
Notification of Pricing Adjustment
how to connect cable coming from pump motor and connecting the submersible cable Customer questions:We are about ready to use this pump, and I need some inform
Submersible pumps are important equipment for water extraction in deep wells. When in use, the entire unit works submerged in the water and extracts groundwate
Corrosion Resistant Sea Water Waterproof Stainless Steel Deep Well Submersible Pump
We got 5 good stars for submersible pump service, getting customers highly praise
Deep well turbine pumps are basically centrifugal pumps which are used for high head, high efficiency and constant flow. The bowel assembly is submerged in the
deep well submersible borehole pump is a motor and pump directly integrated into the water work of the water lifting equipment, with a simple structure, high ef
QJ submersible pump is widely used in water supply and drainage, irrigation and drainage wells, industrial and civil construction of the supply and drainage sys
QJ deep well multi-stage submersible pump is a water lifting tool which is directly connected with the pump and submersible into the water. It is suitable for e
A deep well submersible pump usually has only an outgoing cable when it leaves the factory. When the client installs the pump, he needs to connect extra cables
ISG vertical pipeline pump , also known as piping , pumps, pipeline centrifugal , single-stage centrifugal pumps, vertical pumps , booster pumps, heat pumps, ci
ISG vertical pipeline pump , also known as piping , pumps, pipeline centrifugal , single-stage centrifugal pumps, vertical pumps , booster pumps, heat pumps, circulating pumps, etc.
diesel engine pump as a city flood emergency rescue use, as a backup pump case, can be used as a diesel engine self-priming pump . Diesel engine by the diesel e
diesel engine self-priming pump with self-priming and non-clogging sewage in one, the use of axial back-flow mixing, and through the pump, the unique design of
diesel engine pump is a diesel-powered pump, completely reduce the labor intensity of workers, and use, mobile, easy installation, minimal maintenance, stable
ZX series self-priming diesel engine pump unit is in the repeated research on the basis of similar technology at home and abroad on the successful development o
mine submersible pump can be used in multi-stage centrifugal pump and three-phase asynchronous motor, dive into the water work. Centrifugal pump with high press
A typical installation for a submersible pump, pressure tank and fittings is shown in Figure 3. Prior to well installation, the pump should be wired, submerged
Mine explosion proof submersible sand pump has reliable performance and perfect quality. It can be used widely. This series pump adopts some know-how technolog
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