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Motor overload or over temperature protection action

 3. Main causes of motor overload or over temperature protection action due to excessive current:

(1) The working voltage is too low or too high;
(2) There are dynamic and static parts rubbing or impeller and seal ring rubbing in the water pump;
(3) Low head and large flow make the motor power inconsistent with the pump characteristics;
(4) The density or viscosity of pumping is higher;
(5) The bearing is damaged.
Elimination measures
(1) Check the power supply voltage and adjust the output voltage;
(2) Determine the position of friction parts and eliminate the fault;
(3) Adjust the valve to reduce the flow so that the motor power matches the pump;
(4) Check the reason of water quality change and change the working condition of water pump;
(5) Replace the bearings at both ends of the motor.

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