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30+ yearsfocus on submersible pump

66700m3 workshop

Leading technology

more than 300 experienced employees

more than 40 technology experts of pump

Continuously introduction of technology and talents, transformation equipment

Quality certification


CE, SGS, BV, TUV, etc.,

Per submersible pump will be strict quality inspection before sale

More than 30 years Focus on Submersible pump

2.2kw-220kw stockist submersible pump, 220kw-410kw special submersible pump; 0.75kw-280kw sewage pump;among 0.75-90kw spiral cutting impeller submersible pump;2.2kw-200kw/under 470m multistage-stage under suction up outlet sewage pump

The fundamental is quality and the foundation is service.

The large feed and drainage equipment company that collection of scientific research,development, manufacture, testing,production,management as a whole

brand submersible pump manufacturer

Zhengzhou Shenlong(APK) Pump Industry CO.,Ltd was established in 1996, which is a professional organization that engages in desining and producing electric suubmersible pump unit and surface centrifugal water pump unit. We are recognized by CE and ISO, and have got the certification of CCS and ABS.

Main products: Electric Submersible Pump for pumping clean water, hot water and sea water with SS304 SS316 SS316L Dupex stainless/SS904L; Mine Submersible Pump/Submersible Motor/Sewage Submersible Pump/Slurry Submersible Pump/Fountain Submersible Pump/Axail Flow Submersible Pump/Surface Centrifugal Water Pump. Related business: kinds of water pipes, cables, control panels, inverter and other pump spare parts.

World product; High quality; High performance

Top manufacturer and supplier of various submersible pump and deep well pumps

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Honorary certificate to witness our strength

Shenlong Pump supplies various deep well pumps at lower prices and high quality