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CCTV Living Show about the State Flood Control from APK Pump Running

    on 20 July 2021, very few expected the volume of rain that the provincial capital Zhengzhou received on Tuesday, which prompted the flood control and drought relief authorities the flood control and drought relief authorities to raise the emergency response to Level Three emergency. From Saturday to Tuesday, Zhengzhou received an unprecedented 624 millimeters of rain, almost the equivalent of its annual average of 640.8mm, which indicates the intensity and fierceness of the downpour. Therefore, rainstorm flood happening, subways, cars, trains and residential areas, all had suffered great losses.

  Tuesday, APK,  a local water pump manufacturer, delivering our large flow water pump in stock, driven by diesel engine generator and combating a flood immediately. Now, drained flood water finished. Therefore, choose APK, believe APK, to win-win.

Flood water in Zhengzhou city:


After APK large capacity diesel engine generator water pump working:


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