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The large feed and drainage equipment company that collection of scientific research,development, manufacture, testing,production,management as a whole

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APK will assign a staff to be at your service according to your need for water pumps. Please save the contact information of your contact person.

Water pump inquiry

If you want to know more about APK water pump before buying it, please contact us by the following way.
Our salesman will give a professional solution for your situation and select the most suitable pump for you. 
Online purchasing consultation system

Project inquiry

If you are running a project that needs to invite tenders, or a turn-key project that needs design and construction, please contact our engineers of project construction department. Let us communicate in depth.
Online engineer

Fittings supply

If you need fittings for water pump project construction, water pump operation or maintenance, please contact us by the following way.
We will help you to find the most convenient way to purchase locally, or supply our fittings to you directly.
Online engineer

Technical support

If you are a user of APK products now and need technical support from us, please contact us by the following way. Our experts will help.
Online service

Global distribution system

ShenLong APK has distributors or dealers of its products in more than 80 countries.
Nearby dealer
Join APK global distribution system.

Complaints and suggestions

APK welcomes any constructive advice and we will never ignore complaints from clients.
Please contact us in the following way. Our service team will response soon.

General manager mailbox

If you want to share your opinion or suggestion with our general manager directly, or if you think your problem cannot be solved unless our general manager deals with it in person, please send email to:


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Please send email to :
Or leave message in following form.
Please briefly tell us your needs (pump type, working envirment)