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Minister for Agriculture from Ethiopia VISIT TO SHENLONG PUMP INDUSTRY for Negotiating cooperation
It's a picture about CCTV living show about flood control in Zhengzhou city. On the way, it's APK diesel engine generator, pumping flood water professionally, large flow rate.
Notification of Pricing Adjustment
We got 5 good stars for submersible pump service, getting customers highly praise
We are going to attend ITIF Asia, the international trade and industry trade fair in Karachi, Pakistan. The fair will last for 3 days, from Tuesday, 14. March to Thursday, 16. March 2017. Our booth number is B41, in Hall 2.

The Spring Festival is coming. Shenlong ltd congratulations all is well to everybody. During the Spring Festival period , we have 9 days of holiday. From 2017-1-24 to 2017-2-2.
Because of the rising prices of domestic materials, so my company from this month, the price of water pump uniform rise. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service. To bring you the inconvenience, please understand
Our production of large double suction spiral case in the open pump, flow 4850M3/H, head 20M, matching power 250KW, the number of 8 sets. The pump shell is made of HT250 material disappear grinding casting, the impeller, ring 304 stainless steel shaft, ma
Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Industry Co., Ltd will participate in INDO ICON & BIMEX + KONSTRUKSI 2016

In order to promote economic and trade cooperation and communication between China and Indonesia in construction and engineering machinery field and furth
Now, the sewage pump already in high-rise buildings, residential sewage station, wastewater discharge enterprises and other places have a pump is indispensable. At present, pretreatment of industrial wastewater treatment is mainly to improve the water qua
Oil pump suction and pressure, the plunger in the plunger set in the reciprocating movement to complete. When the plunger is located in the lower position, the two oil hole in the plunger sleeve is opened, communicated with the oil plunger cavity and the
Water source heat pump technology is low temperature heat utilization of the earth's surface in shallow water in the absorption of solar energy and geothermal energy and heat pump principle, through a small amount of high energy input, a kind of technolo
Oil pump is a common tool used in the production of life is widely used. An oil pump from the purchase to the use of the need to go through a lot of links. The biggest link is the installation of the oil pump. General pump installation has professional te
Having been prepared for nearly a month, our representatives led by Destiny flew to Hanoi on time the day before. With full preparation and confidence, today on October 17, 2016, Destiny and her partners are witnessing the successful opening of Zhengzhou
ZHENGZHOU SHENLONG PUMP INDUSTRY CO ., LTD (short as APK) is going to participate in VIIF 2016, 25th Vietnam International Industrial Fair. Our booth numbers are 216 and 217. The fair is starting on 17 October, 2016 and ending on 20 October, 2016. The Tra
As well know QJ deep well pump has lots of advantage. And there are four main advantage:
1. Solve the suction process problem;
2. Solution of pump room;
Zhang Mengxue won the first gold medal for China in the 10 meter pistol event
Wu Minxia and Shi Tingmao won the gold medal in the women's three meter springboard diving
Long Qingquan won the gold medal in the men's 56kg weightlifting and broke the wor
This is a busy day. But we are glad that the pump has been shipment to Indonesia.
Our customer is an engineer in water supply company. Due the pump of water supply need to change. So our customer urgent need 10 unit deep well pump. Our factory main pr
In order to better service to our customer. The technology of submersible pump that need to continuous improve. Through the joint efforts of all employees and customers of our company. Our submersible pump more and more to adapt to market demand.
The multistage submersible pump will delivery to Bangladesh today. We have ready everything. The pump can be used in river. And the motor will been cooler all the time.
260kw submersible pump in stockist. We are over 30 years submersible pump manufacture.
Submersible pump is our main product. Our customer visit our factory. And confirm the type of pump they need. They also confirm other information, like:material, technical , warranty and so on. Every visitor with a smile on they face.
This afternoon, our chairman to lead each department manager to check each department the quality of our products and find a lot of detail, also some measures,played a key role in improving the quality of products.
Select well pump need this parameters. You need to know the deep of well. The water level in the well. You want to the flow .The medium of water and pump's installation. Only know that this information. You can select right pump and better to use.
Customers visit our factory today, at the same time to determine the type of product they need. Type of pump that may be used in the future.