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APK distributor, Local dealer, Welcome to join the ShenLong (APK) global distribution system

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Local distributor

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Distribution Process


The distribution system of ShenLong(APK) benefits customers directly. Our nearby principle combines distribution with local support. We will authorize to our distributor the right of selling our water pumps in nearby places, or to our contractor the right of undertaking local water supply projects of us. We will assist them in developing their local marktets.

APK never leaves any distributor or contractor working alone.

Join the ShenLong (APK) global distribution system, you will get:

1. More orders: We will introduce our customers to local distributors.
2. Competitive water pumps.
3. Maturing solution for water supply projects.
4. We provide our distributors with high quality water pumps, technical support, excellent service, etc.

Distributor/Contractor qualification

1. Retailer or distributor: should have a store or a warehouse for selling water pumps.
2. Contractor: should have scheme design for water supply projects, construction capability and project experience.
3. Repair shop: should be a shop, a store or a company that is good at water pump maintenance.

If you match any of the above three conditions, you are welcome to join our global distribution system. Please leave a message to us and our staff in this department will contact you as soon as possible. We'll move on to the next step and negotiate in detail.