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1.The sealing ring and the bearing shells in horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump seat respectively with the fastening screws.
2. The mouth ring installed in the middle and tighten screws fixed.
3. Guide vanes set on the guide vane and screw the re
With the gradual popularization of well submersible pump and application of the field of expansion, submersible submersible pump must adapt to more different environmental requirements.
1.Ensure safe operation of key equipment
2.Replace lubricants and wear parts regularly
3.Strict catalyst metering pump operating procedures
4.To enhance the maintenance of the pump
According to the use of occasions can be divided into:
1. The car with the fire pump
2. Marine fire pump
3. The project with the fire pump
4. The other with the fire pump
Performance range from the pump to see giant pump flow up to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour, while the micro pump flow per hour in a few milliliters; pump from atmospheric pressure up to 19.61Mpa (200kgf/cm2); the lowest temperature of the
Pump cavitation, erosion and damage to the joint effect is always an important problem in the water pump operation, maintenance and management, the traditional materials and surface protection technology can not meet the requirements of anti cavitation an
Zhengzhou Shenlong Pump Industry Co., Ltd will participate in INDO ICON & BIMEX + KONSTRUKSI 2016

In order to promote economic and trade cooperation and communication between China and Indonesia in construction and engineering machinery field and furth
1. PID control
2.Artificial neural network control
3.Fuzzy control
4.Expert control
5.Human simulated intelligent control
China in twentieth Century 60, 70s began to epoxy resin composite was applied to the submersible pump for anti abrasion protection. In 1980s, the composite dragon coating, polyurethane coating and rubber coating were developed. In addition, there are a nu
Having been prepared for nearly a month, our representatives led by Destiny flew to Hanoi on time the day before. With full preparation and confidence, today on October 17, 2016, Destiny and her partners are witnessing the successful opening of Zhengzhou
ZHENGZHOU SHENLONG PUMP INDUSTRY CO ., LTD (short as APK) is going to participate in VIIF 2016, 25th Vietnam International Industrial Fair. Our booth numbers are 216 and 217. The fair is starting on 17 October, 2016 and ending on 20 October, 2016. The Tra
With the continuous development of science and technology, the degree of modernization of the pump is also increasing, reducing the number of human management operations. Most of the computer monitoring automatic operation mode, which also puts forward hi
With the continuous development of the economy, the centrifugal pump with its strong sewage, high efficiency and energy saving, self absorption and other advantages in the production of more and more widely used in engineering applications. According to t
Diversified new type water pump based on reasonable structure, convenient installation, high safety, low noise, high efficiency, high efficiency, the water pump industry to achieve the reform and innovation, to meet the diversified development trend of th

The development of the sewage pump should be based on the reliability, selection and function of the use of the sewage pump. It is a policy trend, it is the development trend, it is closely related to the development of real estate, construction, indust
With the extensive use of submersible sewage pump, submersible axial flow pump, submersible pump in our daily life, the consumer market for the domestic pump industry is more concerned about the development of. Today, and we look at the opportunities and
0 no protective motor, no special protection, no experiment, but it should be fit for 2.1

1 door more than 50mm solid motor can avoid large area of the human body occasionally accidentally touched or near shell charged or rolling elements. Can avoid th
In this era of rapid development of technology, the pump should also have the goods it must carry out the path and direction.
Metering pump commodity whether small household pumps, built with pump and general pump, is still large petrochemical, electric
Summary of the development of submersible pump: from the consumption status, at present China's table view of consumption has reached the world * * * high level close to a quarter of the global total consumption, per capita consumption of stainless steel
In this era of rapid development of technology, the pump should also have the goods it must carry out the path and direction.
There are three direction as follow:
1. The direction of the machine, electric, instrument integration;
2. Towards the directi
Water pump industry is a typical investment driven industry, market demand by the national macro policy, especially by the water conservancy, construction, energy and other industries have a great impact on macroeconomic policy.
At present, the discrete degree of the submersible pump industry in our country is very high, but the whole industry market competition is very fierce. Industry experts pointed out that China's diving pump market will face a re shuffle, and gradually to
With the development of water conservancy system construction in China, the agricultural development in many areas are affected by it. According to the investigation of the experts, which is not a small submersible pump play a role, submersible sewage pum
After years of development, China's small and medium-sized submersible pump product quality, service life, safety, performance and reliability were the greatly improved, in order to promote a small submersible pump submersible axial flow pump industry em
SZ type water ring vacuum pump with the continuous development of the industry, has been in progress, so that it is also able to better meet the application. And in different environments can better meet the application, so in the use of the process has m
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